Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vertical Art

An article in the BBC today reports that Google's CEO Eric Schmidt wants greater regulation of civilian drones.

If I were more cynical I would imagine that the CEO of a search firm would like to limit civilian surveillance so that searches for visual information has to be channeled through a firm that specializes in searches.  Fortunately, I am not very cynical.

Instead, I'm feeling quite charitable.  Since I also recently read that piloting a drone is boring work,  I think we should start new public art projects for the benefit of those doing surveillance.  Until recently, we have viewed ourselves horizontally: we care about how we look from the ground, from eye-level.  Maybe we should start to care more about how we look from the bird's-eye-level.

We could start with rooftop art, and move up to something like new Nazca Lines.  Then all those drone pilots and satellite image analysts could have something more interesting to look at.  Art is good for us.  Rather than asking "who is watching the watchmen?" let's ask "what are the watchmen watching?"  We should give them something worth seeing.  I'm going to start by planting flowers.

Yeah, but what does the roof look like?

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