Monday, April 22, 2013

Joy Run

Yesterday we ran for joy.  About eighty people showed up to join me to run one-tenth of a marathon around the Augustana College campus. 

It started as a response to the attack on the Boston Marathon last week.  I decided to defy the preachers of fear by running for joy, and to honor those tens of thousands of runners who ran in Boston.  And I invited friends, because joy shared is joy amplified.

I didn't expect many people to join me, so I was surprised to find seventy or eighty runners - and a few walkers, and quite a few dogs - waiting for me when I arrived. Even more surprising were the TV cameras from all the local stations, and the reporter from the Argus Leader. Here are some links to their stories:  Argus, KDLT, KSFY.  And, of course, at our Augie news website.  I was pleased to talk with such intelligent and kind reporters who thought this was newsworthy.

Some of the Joy Runners
I was so swamped by the interviews before the race that I wasn't able to snap a photo of everyone beforehand, but here's a photo of some of the people who ran with me, at the finish line.  I'm grateful to live with such joyful people.

Several of those who ran with us also ran the Boston Marathon, including two who ran this year and two who ran in previous years.  We were honored by their presence.

It's better to live lives of joy, lives of neighborly care, lives full of what St John calls agape, or nurturing love, than to live lives constricted by fear.  My gratitude goes out to everyone who ran with me, and to the reporters who covered it, and to all people everywhere, who bring joy to the world.

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